What Trump Just Announced About Melania’s Birthday Will Make You Cry Tears Of JOY!


Melania Trump the Slovenian-born ex model today is celebrating her first birthday as the as the First Lady of U.S. This marvelous woman today is turning 47.

A large number of her supporters sent their best wishes through the social media and made sure that she knows how thrilled they are.

Regardless the fact that her husband has quite the opposite reputation, the First Lady’s popularity is reaching new heights according to the newest approval ratings. More than half of American voters now are devoted supporters of Melania and she is beyond grateful.


One Twitter user named Donna Porter wrote: “Class, beauty, elegance and kindness in one amazing woman.”

“True inspiration! We’ve needed her.”

“Happy Birthday to First Lady Melania Trump.”

Furthermore , President Trump took it to Twitter to wish his wife a happy birthday with the loveliest image attached to it:

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What are your wishes to Melania for her birthday?


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