WATCH:Bikers For Trump Gave Antifa Thugs A NASTY Suprise -This is Awesome!

President Donald Trump gave this country the power it needs to defend itself against liberals. Although liberals belong to this country, they have sworn to destroy it if Donald Trump wins. Luckily, the President beat Hillary Clinton in November, because America gave its vote for him. His victory is probably the worst nightmare of all liberals, but they have to find a way to live with it. It’s about time for them to act reasonably, and stop attacking their own people. Americans’ opinion matters, and liberals should respect it.

UC Berkeley filled headlines across the country after it cancelled Ann Coulter’s appearance at the school. The reason behind this move were her “overly conservative” views. Well, it seems like the Bikers for Trump have to say something about this.


Chris Cox, the group’s founder, visited Fox Business Network, and gave his opinion over Berkeley’s decision to block Coulter, adding that his bikers are “ready to take action.”

“I didn’t see an upside in coming to Berkeley and standing toe to toe with twinkle toes and butter cups. We are certainly not looking for a fight… We are here on the defense, not the offense,” Cox discussed with host Stuart Varney.


The group’s founder revealed that he has already met with Berkeley police over their plan of action. Cox said that their plans require law and over, and violence is the last thing to happen.

Cox blasted the rumors regarding their plans, assuring everyone that “any rumors that they’ve been told to stand down will be squashed today,” According to him, they won’t allow any disobedience, and nobody will wear the ski masks we’ve already seen across the states. The Bikers For Trump will be at Berkeley, and they won’t do anything to put a black dot on their name. they will fit in the framework of the law as usual.

What do you think about this? Do you support the Bikers For Trump?


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