Protesters Blocking Traffic And Screaming ‘Shut This Sh*t Down’ Get Their Wish When Pissed Off Driver Approaches [WATCH]


You’ve probably heard of “defensive driving.” If you’re in a particularly unlucky situation you may have even had to take a class by that name (if you haven’t, trust me, it’s less painful to just pay the ticket). The name is referring to a mindset that you should have when you’re driving where you don’t assume that the other drivers are competent, or even paying attention. You just take extra safety measures, and hopefully, everybody wins.


The driver in the video we’re talking about today had a whole different view of what he was defending when behind the wheel. This guy was unfortunate enough to experience some people abusing their right to free speech, in the middle of the highway. I’m sure whatever they are protesting about has profound meaning, and that they’re making the world a better place by holding up traffic, but that’s not the point. The right to protest on public property is one that many of us value, but the question is; does that extend to impeding others rights to use the public property in a safe way, and does it cover the vulgar language.


How about we take a look at what happened, and you can decide for yourself if this is what the founding fathers had in mind.

Via The Federalist Papers:


“At some point, most Americans will crack.

The protests, the demonstrations, the riots. It all becomes too much.

Blocking the road, chanting “F**k the Police!” and “Shut This Sh*t Down!” It’s offensive, vulgar and accomplishes nothing.

Perhaps that’s why this driver snapped. Perhaps that’s why he may very well have killed someone.

You can see protesters in this undated and unknown video (posted by the Facebook group “Trump Supporters”) blocking a highway. It looks like a protest in Brazil. It’s unknown what they’re protesting, but one can take a good guess. You can see what looks like a black flag waving.

At some point, one frustrated driver approaches the crowd, who descends on the car, seeming to try to push it away.

The driver then backs up for a second and floors it … running over several protesters in the process. At least one of them lies motionless on the highway.

We may learn more about this video soon but one thing is for sure.

Things are getting out of control.”

Things absolutely are getting out of hand. And while it’s my fervent hope that each and every one of us take the high road and avoid doing anyone any bodily harm, I’ve gotta wonder if the guy had a right to do what he did. State’s laws vary on the subject, but what are we supposed to do? If a group of overly zealous protestors, or just some paid lackeys decide to keep you from going to work or pick up your children, what are you going to do? When is defending your right to have freedom and exist equally as important as their right to protest.

This guy knows about defensive driving. Of course, we should defend our right to demonstrate, but there’s also a right to work and a right to use the highways that our tax dollars paid for. And can I just say, this was the middle of the day, and these jokers didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Maybe they just all just work the night shift, but it’s more likely that they’re living off of daddy’s money, or better yet professional welfare collectors. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got things to do during the day, and they don’t include standing around keeping other people from going to their jobs.

I’m not yet sure how it turned out, but I’m sure that those who were there are being lauded as heroes and martyrs for their cause. If I could just make one suggestion for them next time though; I noticed that they seemed to be on a side or feeder road of some kind for their big constitutionally protected demonstration. If they REALLY wanted to make a point they could go ahead and stand out on the highway, that would make a real statement. The truckers were honking, I’m sure that’s because they agree and wanted a chance to get in on the action.

I say “go big or go home.” I’m totally 50/50 either way. Any direction that goes in, my commute problem is solved.


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