Little Girl Kicks Her Abusive Teacher in the … When He Humiliates Her in Front of the Class! PRICELESS![VIDEO]


You will still be laughing tomorrow from seeing this little girl deal with an abusive teacher in her own way when he angrily humiliates her in front of her peers.

Why do people like this even become teachers anyway? Just watch him… he is an idiot!


The incident happened in in a Russian classroom. It was caught on a cell phone camera by one of the pupils. In the video, an abusive teacher is seen scolding an angelic little girl in front of her class.

Finally, she snaps. And this “teacher” will probably think twice before humiliating another child again.

If you think humiliating children in school is just for foreign countries, think again!

A cafeteria worker at a Pennsylvania elementary school quit her job after she was required to take a hot lunch away from a student who had fallen behind on payment. The new policy was designed to humiliate the child into getting the parent to pay the bill.

Stacy Koltiska announced her resignation from Wylandville Elementary School in Canonsburg on Facebook, saying that she will “never forget the look on his face” and the tears that “welled up” in his eyes when she had to take away a plate of chicken from a first-grader on Sept. 9, during the first week of school.

It even goes on in Texas!

Texas Schools SHAMING Children Over Lunch Money; FURIOUS Veteran Does Something!

Four of the largest school districts in North Texas have practices called ‘shaming’ that occurs at lunch when the parent lets the account go into the negative.


So-called shaming happens when a student doesn’t have money in his or her account to pay for a meal and a cafeteria worker takes away their tray of food and throws it in the trash in front of all to see.

Often times the child is left crying. New Mexico just recently outlawed the practice in their schools.

“I think a lot of people would be shocked. They’re just not aware of it,” said Kelvin Holt, 54, a teacher in Copperas Cove. He is doing something about it! He is making BIG noise all over Texas!


Heolt spent more than 32 years in the U.S. Army as a medic, mechanic and a helicopter pilot. After retiring a few years ago, he became a teacher in Central Texas and witnessed such shaming happen with a 4-year-old girl in a Pre-K class he taught.

“She got to the cashier, they scanned her PIN and the cashier said this to the 4-year-old: ‘You have no money.’ [The cashier] reached down, picked up her tray, took the milk off the tray, dumped the food, and sent the child away crying. My jaw dropped. I felt like I was just kicked in the gut,” explained Holt. “This is breakfast now, so her last meal might have been 12 or 13 hours ago. And who knows what that meal consisted of. Insult to injury is the fact that they dump the food in the presence of the child. The message that sends to a child is ‘I care about my bottom line. I don’t care about you or your feelings or your hunger.’”

Where has all the common sense gone in school? They schools are being ran by morons.


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