Father And Son RECREATE Bath Picture – NO ONE Is Handling It Well At All…


WOW! Is all that comes to my mind when I see this recreation picture of this father and son.  It amazes me what people actually end up recreating from old family photos.  A lot of people have been doing this “recreation photo” thing, which is kind of cool to an extent.

Many pictures that have been recreated are quite funny and will have you falling on the floor laughing.  But then you get some that are quite awkward and just out right have you thinking “what could’ve possibly been going through those minds of who recreated this photo.”


This is one of those photos! Just wait and see and tell me if you would recreate this photo?…



MEDIAGRAB: Father and son decide to recreate what’s arguably the most awkward baby bath photo ever
Tyler Walker proudly posted the photo on his Facebook page where it unsurprisingly grabbed the attention of thousands of people.
“We’ve both grown up a bit…” he captioned the image, somewhat needlessly we think.
It’s probably fair to say the photo is not to everyone’s taste, and as much as many people thought it was funny, there were plenty of people who were a little perplexed.
Photo credit: Tyler Walker/ Facebook

So it goes to say that recreating old family photos can be hilarious and then there are some recreations that are best left the way the old photo was taken, because most people feel maybe this one should have been one of those photos left for the family’s eyes only which was posted by Tyler Walker.

He and his father recreate a picture of Tyler sitting in the bath tub on the knee of his dad, or so they say, while both of them look at the camera and smile.

Besides the setting of the picture, you have to commend both men on agreeing and coming together as much as possible to having these photos absolutely match and at the age they’re at, you would probably wonder who’s idea it was.

You could probably say that the mother or whomever was taking the photo didn’t see anything wrong with it because they obviously took the picture still.


This picture of Tyler and his father predictably has been shared all over social media more than ten thousand times.

Tyler whom is from Oregon posted the photo on to his Facebook with the caption “We’ve both grown up a bit.”

While many people found the photo hilarious, others felt they had seen too much. Here’s some comments:

“Im going to wash my eyes out with gasoline now”, one person wrote.

“This has scarred me for life. I felt I shouldn’t be alone”, another added.

“In my view, First one is just made for fun..I don’t find any vulgarity there..But the second one, is the worst…Shamelessness at it’s best..” another commented.

“They are literally the same people in both photographs. This is nothing but funny.” – anonymous

In my opinion, this challenge that has people all around the world recreating old family photos is harmless. There are some that I have seen that were way more offensive than this one. Though it maybe awkward for us to look at, to the them it was probably just fun and a quick recreation to get a laugh from. Everyone will have there opinions, but I’d rather see this than see all the violence that happens else where. This is simply just funny and a little awkward the way i see it. But who cares!

Now tell me would you recreate this photo or any other old family photo just for fun?



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