WATCH: A Man Was Stripped Naked, Brutally Beaten & Tied To A Pole By A Mob In Kerala, But No One Knows Why


Chinese man is stripped, taped to traffic lights and pelted with EGGS

Wedding customs vary from country to country, but one thing seems to be most common: pranks must be made – big or small – before the couples set out to start their new lives.

One man in China recently became the victim of an eye-opening stag do, thanks to his mischievous friends.


Footage has emerged on the Chinese internet, showing the unidentified man, from Shandong Province, was stripped and taped to the traffic lights before his friends pelted him with eggs and cakes in the middle of a motorway, as reported by the People’s Daily Online.

The incident, which happened in the early morning on Tuesday, lasted about five minutes before the group of 30 or so left the junction.


While Chinese don’t normally do stag parties before the wedding, friends of the bride and groom normally plan a variety of mischievous pranks on the wedding day to ‘test the couple’s readiness of marriage’.

It is reported that this bizarre ‘celebration’ took place after the groom’s wedding ceremony the night before.

Li Xicang, one of the road cleaners on the scene, told Shandong TV Station that the place was left covered in egg and cakes.

‘They made the area really dirty.

‘We couldn’t stop them as there were around 20 to 30 young people. Maybe this is a tradition for wherever they came from.’

In order to avoid being identified by the security camera, some of the drivers in the group had used red paper – a decoration of traditional Chinese weddings – to cover part of their car plates.

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