Sheriff Clarke Just Destroyed CNN For Hateful Story Against Him – Look At His Amazing Response


Sheriff Clarke has been in the news a lot more than usual as of late. Ever since he announced that he would be joining Trump’s team as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, conservatives have been going crazy. Clarke is loved in the Republican community for his strong stances on things like immigration and policing. He is a patriot who stands up for our conservative rights as a nation.

New liberal attacks come with the territory of joining the Trump administration. Now that he is a part of the administration he has been attacked incessantly. This is what the liberals do. They will never let anyone go unnoticed. Clarke deserved this job more than anyone else and will do a great job fulfilling the conservative wishes in this country. He is a trusted sheriff and because of that, was picked to join Trump.

CNN is going down the drain, and in order to get their viewers to watch, lie directly to their faces. And now they have turned their attention to Sheriff Clarke.

They tried to accuse him of plagiarizing his master’s thesis on the Department of Homeland Security. They reported this because he forgot to use quotation marks on a few quotes from his pages long paper. Oh, the hypocrisy. Do they have no bounds? Apparently they do not see how ridiculous they look since they have been called out on the exact same thing multiple times.

The network wants to turn their viewers against Clarke, and being liberals, it most likely worked.

But Sheriff Clarke had an amazing response to CNN’s hateful and bogus report:


Do you like his response?

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