This Video Of Trump At The G-7 Summit Just Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


President Trump is notorious for his intellectual laziness, his short attention span, and his difficulty comprehending complex issues. But one would have thought that for a meeting as important as the Group of Seven summit, he would dedicate himself to paying attention and attempting to keep up with the discussions that will literally shape the future of the world.

Unfortunately, our spoiled brat of a president conducted himself with astounding rudeness, not even bothering to put his translating earpiece in as he very obviously dozes like a bored schoolboy.


Trump has humiliated himself and the nation he represents at every possible moment on his “big foreign trip.” This kind of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated from a surly teenager and certainly shouldn’t be tolerated from the President of the United States.

What do you suppose our allies think, knowing that the President cares nothing about the issues that they just met to discuss? How emboldened must our enemies be to know that President Trump is an idiot utterly disinterested in fulfilling the world-shifting responsibilities he has been entrusted with?

We need to rid ourselves of this disgrace as soon as we can.


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