Wath: Trump Supporter Goes Viral After Humiliating Maxine Waters to Her Face


For the past few months, Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has been screaming almost daily about how President Donald Trump should be impeached — except when she’s backtracking and insisting she’s never said anything about impeachment.

While Waters’ idiotic rhetoric has endeared her to liberals around the nation, it hasn’t sat well with some of the people in the district she claims to represent, Fox News reported.

On Monday, Waters was confronted by a resident of her district who wasn’t too happy about the Democrat’s constant Trump bashing, and she made her displeasure with Waters known.


The woman, an obvious Trump supporter, asked Waters why she isn’t representing people in her district who voted for Trump. Rather than give an actual answer, Waters restored to attacking Trump.


“I can’t stand him. He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life,” Waters explained. “Your president is a dishonorable, lying man.

“He talked about grabbing women by the private parts. He lies every day.”

The Trump supporter seized on Waters’ comments and asked why she is so concerned about what Trump said, but she didn’t show the same concern over the allegations against former President Bill Clinton.

“I don’t care about Clinton, I care about (Trump),” Waters replied, adding that she will continue to work to impeach Trump.

The woman in the video then stated that she would work to make sure that Waters was impeached, which really set Waters off.

“You can’t impeach a member of Congress!” Waters spluttered as she walked away from the woman. You can watch the exchange below:

Well, technically, members of Congress can be impeached. It hasn’t happened often in history (North Carolina Sen. William Blount was impeached back in 1797), but the legal framework does exist.

Clearly, Waters was upset over the thought of being kicked out of Congress. After all, if she loses her congressional seat, all of a sudden she just becomes yet another one of the thousands of angry liberals spewing their hatred on a daily basis while no one really listens.

Maybe Waters should go back to representing the people in her district and leave the Trump hysteria for the snowflakes that are protesting/rioting in the streets.

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