FINALLY! Obama’s College Records RELEASED…What They Show Could Land Him In PRISON!


The 2008 presidential election was one for the ages. It was when the left-wing media finally shed what little was left of its dignity and fully embraced its hyper-partisan, water-carrying mission.

The amount of shilling for Obama was simply incredible, as media members came across more like brainwashed cultists than the “journalists” they normally pretended to be.

One of the many lies they peddled then and now was the “Obama’s the smartest person to ever be president” meme.


Of course, this wild claim has never be proven considering his academic records and entire past were sealed and never properly investigated by the media.

As reported at Nut Bar Factor, Obama’s time in college is shrouded in mystery, as students and teachers alike surprisingly can’t offer up any information about him, despite claims that he was a star student.

The real question isn’t really how good his grades were, but if contained within the records is evidence that he was considered a foreign student at the time.

People investigating the issue seem to believe that “Barack Obama” wasn’t who was attending Columbia, but Barry Soetoro.

We know now that Obama was willing to claim foreign birth whenever it benefitted him. In 1991, he described himself in his literary agent’s publicity brochure as having been born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

We also know that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, claimed Indonesian citizenship (and “Islam” as religion) for their son “Barry Soetoro” when they enrolled him as a first grader in an Indonesian school in 1968.

His parents seemed more than willing to claim “nonresident” status as well on official documents when Barry was growing up.

Which raises the obvious and often debated question, was Obama really born in America?

This question is immediately dismissed as conspiratorial whenever it’s mentioned as way to shut down any honest investigation. There’s already ample evidence to suggest that Obama was born outside America, and it’s thought that the final piece is hidden away in his student records.


Unsealing them is a huge deal no matter how you slice it, as it shows just how dumb he actually is, and/or that he WAS considered a foreign student, proving that he has lied about his birth from the start.

The question then becomes, what should we do about his treasonous actions with the truth finally revealed?


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