If You Hear This Ringtone Call Police IMMEDIATELY, Here’s This Sick Thing It Signals Someone To Do


We live in a world full of so much uncertainty, and insanity. Just when you think we have it figured out we are slapped with another cold dose of reality. If it isn’t terrorist attacks in Europe it is crime being committed by illegal immigrants in America. Of course, the left tries to convince us that this perfectly normal, but we all know differently. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel since we elected Donald Trump as president. After 8 long years, we have a president that actually is putting America’s interests first. The days of Barack Obama’s pandering to Muslims and illegals are over, and the left is freaking out. Trump has given the power back to our law enforcement officials to arrest those that are here illegally. However, these leftist nitwits have come up with a way to keep illegals in America, and it will tick you off.

Hotel and restaurant workers in Chicago have recently created a cellphone ringtone that is meant to stop the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants. Unite Here 1 created this cellphone ringtone over the past weekend on its website to help these criminals escape deportation.

The ringtone is aimed to let these criminals know their “rights” if they are stopped by an ICE agent. Um, excuse me? What rights? These people are ILLEGAL and do not have the same rights as American citizens. I swear, sometimes I feel like I am taking crazy pills listening to this junk.

At any rate here is more from Chicago-Sun Times:

On Sunday, the creation of a jingle meant to combat the arrest and deportation of immigrants was announced.

The ditty is not for radio or TV but comes in the form of a ringtone for a cellphone.

It urges immigrants to sign nothing, say nothing and contact an attorney when confronted by federal immigration agents.

It is the creation of Unite Here Local 1, a hotel and restaurant workers union that have a large immigrant membership. The ringtone can be downloaded from the union’s website at http://www.unitehere1.org/ringtone/.

The jingle is in Spanish. Here’s the English translation:

“If immigration comes to arrest you, keep calm. You have the right not to sign anything and not to say anything. You have the right to remain silent, also the right to ask for an attorney.”


“In Donald Trump’s America immigrants live in fear. They kiss their families goodbye because they don’t know when they walk out of that door if they’ll ever see them again,” Angel Castillo said at a news conference Sunday in Federal Plaza in the Loop.

“So we do not sit still. We’ve got to do something about it. So we’re using music and technology to notify every immigrant in this city: you’ve got rights,” said Castillo, an immigrant from Panama and organizing director for Unite Here Local 1.

Listen to the ringtone here.

Several advertisements promoting the jingle will pop up this month at bus stops in the Loop, on Michigan Avenue, and in surrounding neighborhoods, according to union spokesman Tom Bowen.

The ads seek to hammer home the message of “Say nothing. Sign nothing.”

The Spanish word for nothing — “nada” — is repeated in bold letters on the ads.

The Rev. Clete Kiley, who serves as director of immigration policy for the union and is also a special adviser to Cardinal Blasé Cupich, said Sunday that he hopes the ringtone goes viral.

“We ask parents, teachers. Take this ringtone and put it on the phones of your children,” he said.

Kiley denounced President Donald Trump’s treatment of immigrants.

“The Trump administration has recklessly and inhumanely expanded the power of ICE agents to detain and deport members of our communities,” Kiley said, using an acronym for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.


“These new and aggressive ICE tactics are causing immense fear and confusion in our communities, within our families and in our work places,” he said.

Kiley said the campaign was “about the rights of individuals, no matter their immigration status.”

“Every person has a fundamental human right and rights guaranteed under the constitution of the United States,” he said.”

This is just enough to make my head explode. 

Where in the hell do these people get off by making these people the victims? They entered this country illegally and do not have the same rights as everyone else. If they want to be American citizens they can do that like every other person before them.

Both of my grandfathers came to America without a cent to their names, served and fought in World War II and were proud to be Americans. For these CRIMINALS to tarnish what my family and everyone else’s family members have done is disgusting.  

Please, help share this story so that more people can hear this ringtone. We need to catch and deport these ILLEGALS before more enter. We need to help law enforcement catch these criminals and deport them before more damage is done to America.  


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