WATCH: Black Trump Supporter Goes NUCLEAR On Liberal City Council, It’s BRUTAL


My fellow patriots, one of our own has just delivered a blow to her city council that they will not soon recover from.


The liberals are used to being the ones screaming that something is “racist”. Well, this patriot just said the truth: sanctuary cities are racist!

I love this woman’s powerful speech for at least two reasons. First, she’s turning the liberals’ tactic back on them.


How many times has a liberal, in person or even in the media, expected you to abandon your principles simply because they called something or someone “racist”?

It’s like liberals don’t realize that there are criteria for being racist. They think anything they dislike must fit the bill, instead of actually thinking about whether a policy, or a person, discriminates on the basis of race.

This Trump supporter has done the thinking that the liberals in her city council won’t. Sanctuary cities discriminate based on race — so she’s calling it like it is! That’s the other reason I love this speech: it is completely true.

It’s a truth liberals refuse to acknowledge. But this supporter spells it out for them. Black people in this country cannot support their American loved ones the way illegal immigrants can financially support those in Mexico. It’s not just the exact opposite of putting Americans first. It’s racist.

Every American in this country, regardless of race, has to take ownership of their actions in a court of law if they do something illegal. Yet, somehow liberals think it’s fair to grant illegal immigrants “sanctuary” from the consequences of what they’ve done.

Why? It’s simple — it’s because of their race. Liberals still cannot stop looking at people of certain races as children who are unable to stand tall on their own two legs. Liberals are like the unreasonable uncle who has to show favor to one of their nieces and nephews, just to pit them against each other.

Well, Americans are not children. We see through this ruse. As this brave patriot mentions: it’s over. No longer will we allow racist sanctuary city policies to hurt American lives and livelihoods.

President Trump and Attorney Jeff Sessions are coming for every last racist liberal who thinks they can ruin a community by making it a sanctuary for crime.


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