It’s OVER For Illegals In U.S. After Trump’s New Rule Goes Into Effect – Look What They’re Being Billed For!


The Verify First Act might become a reality soon and illegal immigrants are going to loathe every second of it. What happens, if that becomes a reality, is that illegal aliens will no longer qualify for taxpayer-funded health insurance credits. In order to get the health benefits, they’ll have to be verified as a citizen or sup I guess it’s another free ride over for some people and we already know democrats will fight this until their teeth fall out, so prepare for a rocky road to passing this in full and saving taxpayers money on freeloaders.

In order to get said benefits, then people will undergo verification of their citizenship or immigration status. After that, then I guess it’s all or nothing. I suppose the taxpayers are tired of funding illegal immigrants, especially those who do not work and pay any taxes into the system. I believe it should not target just illegal immigrants, but it should also target able-bodied people fit for work who refuse to work. In order for that to work properly, then minimum wage jobs must pay more than welfare and other benefits. There’s no point to get a minimum wage job when you can go on welfare and get paid just as much for NO work.


…Rep. Lou Barletta for introducing the Verify First Act to ensure that illegal aliens cannot qualify for taxpayer-funded health insurance credits. We are grateful that the Ways and Means Committee and House Republican Leadership agreed to move this important bill forward.

It’s in motion, but you know there will be pitfalls and landmines this bill must cruise over before becoming a reality. It’s a good idea, but we need to make sure we understand both sides of the story and do whatever we can to NOT harm hardworking immigrant families. Those families deserve a fast track to citizenship. The illegals who don’t do anything with their life, then boot them out. Let them be bums somewhere else. And take the welfare queen hood-rats and white trash from the trailer park with you.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs reported that more than $700 million in Obamacare subsidies had been paid to ineligible aliens by 2015. It would be unconscionable to leave the same ineffective verification procedures in the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

$700 million could do a lot for some cities. Funding schools, paving roads, taking care of USA Veterans. There’s plenty of better things to do with money instead of give it away and get no return on investment.

The Verify First Act simply requires the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to actually verify the citizenship or immigration status of every applicant for a credit under the AHCA before the Treasury Department issues the credit.

This is fine, but like I mentioned before, there ARE hardworking Mexican families who contribute to jobs, raise their kids right, and are NOT violent. Those families should be taken care of while the squalor meat-bag people take a one way trip to their hometown. If you want to break into America, then fine – do some work and raise your kids right and get on the path to citizenship. That’s ALL people ask. Contribute to society so that everything you get from it, goes back into it, and we all live a nice life.

If you break into America just to chill, commit crimes, and do nothing productive. then you’re no better than our own bums. We have plenty of losers in America, so we don’t really need anymore and we certainly don’t want anymore. Bums, stay out. Hardworking good people, come on in!

Hard-working Americans and legal residents already are struggling to pay for their own healthcare. There is simply no excuse for the Federal government to force them to subsidize health care for illegal aliens through taxpayer-funded credits.

I judge people on their actions, not their citizenship. I don’t want illegal immigrants in the country who break the law and do nothing for their community. I don’t care if you broke into America 900 times if the reason was so you could get a job and raise a family. That’s admirable, but get yourself on the immigration list so you’re OK.

If you’re a welfare leech reading this, then I hope your benefits get cut before those of an illegal immigrant. Get a job, loser.


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