Trump Just Made Chilling Admission About Ballpark Shooting – Here’s Why He Knew It Would Happen Yesterday


We are a nation divided. It’s no secret that the country was almost exactly half and half in favor of President Trump and Hillary Clinton, and while we can argue merit till we’re blue in the face the fact is that the same rights extend to those who are reasonable and those who are violent. If this week has taught us anything it’s that the threats against those in power can’t be taken seriously enough.

The lives of those who strive to make a difference on a national level will always be endangered by those who disagree ideologically and no one knows that better than our first family. They’ve been attacked and or had attempts on them on every possible front, and while dealing with crazies is part of the business of politics, those who are supposed to have some sort of morality have been feeding into this particular obsession in a disturbing way.

Donald Jr. pointed that out in a poignant way after the shooting of several Republicans on Wednesday in D.C.

They said it was art, they said it was a joke, they tried to brush it off, but the delusional and devoid of character will always look for any excuse to act out their horrible obsessions. While it won’t stop all of these types of attacks, making them categorically socially unacceptable should at least slow them down. Just think about the difference in the mind of the American Psyco between carrying out an attack like this if he’s 100% sure that he’s going to be shunned and if he thinks there’s a chance that he’ll be treated as a hero.

That’s not even addressing the completely sane who’ve given themselves a pass to act any way they want, even toward the completely innocent. Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric, addressed this in an interview when he talked about the insults and threats that he, his wife and unborn child have had to endure.

People say that this is just what comes with being President, and they’re trying to downplay the threat as much as possible and say this is normal. Case in point, CBS thinks that this is a normal threat level. They’re even trying to pin the blame for the security issues on the size of the Trump family.

Via CBS News:

“Threats against President Trump for his first six months in office are tracking about six to eight per day, the new director of the U.S. Secret Service said on Thursday, CBS News’ Pat Milton reports.


It’s about the same number of threats made against former Presidents Obama and George W. Bush while they were in office.

The threats include emails, social media postings and someone reporting a suspicious statement, said U.S. Secret Service Director Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles in his first briefing since taking office in April.

All threats against a president or a protectee are investigated by the Secret Service, said Alles, although he said many individuals later walk back their threatening statements or the threats are found to lack serious intent. Others are referred to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution.


One high-profile incident expected to be investigated: Kathy Griffin’s posting photo and video showing her holding a beheaded facsimile of Mr. Trump’s head.

Staffing and overtime have become bigger issues since Mr. Trump took office, due to his large family and his many residences, which are mandated by statute to be protected even when the president is not in residence, Alles said. In addition, the four living former presidents receive Secret Service protection.

The price tag for the Trump family’s Secret Service protection has been mounting, and the Government Accountability Office said in April it is working on a report that will look at the cost to taxpayers of travel by Mr. Trump’s family.

Meanwhile, a man was arrested outside the White House on Thursday, CBS News’ Andres Triay reports. The man was pacing erratically near the White House around 5:30 p.m. and allegedly tried to hit an officer with a radio he was carrying, according to a law enforcement official. He allegedly attempted to grab the officer’s baton when officers tried to arrest him.

The man began behaving violently and banging his head against the car after being arrested. He was taken to an area hospital.

The Secret Service has faced embarrassing missteps since Mr. Trump took office, including a Secret Service laptop with sensitive information being stolen and two officers being fired after a man apparently was able to wander the White House grounds for 16 minutes before being arrested.”

It seems to me that any and all security issues should be the fault of the person or persons who are threatening to attack those in public office. Now, if the President had a passel of unruly children who were attempting to ditch their security every chance they got, that might be one thing. But what you have here is a family who’s dedicated to supporting the President and his mission, and the entire liberal populace seems to think that makes them fair game.

The reason that the President is in more danger now is that the threats are viler, and seem to have a bigger fanbase than before. Never has it been socially acceptable to make jokes and have photo shoots about killing a sitting president. That would have landed your disrespectful ungrateful rear end in a jail cell. The campaign to destroy our President is in full swing, and even the agents of the Secret Service don’t consider themselves above acting out their political feelings instead of doing their job.

So yes, every single person with half a brain could see this coming, because if you can tolerate to look at or hear about something, you can bet that there are 10 crazies out there willing to risk their lives for their 15 mins of fame to go ahead and do it.


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