As Trump Began Speaking, A Violinist Walked Onstage And Gave Him A BREATHTAKING Surprise


Trump just announced the Cuban policy change and made it very clear that he is going to cancel it. He spoke on the change at the Cuban policy change at the Manuel Artime Theatre. This is the name of a Cuban-American Bay of Pigs veteran. Watch what happened when a violinist named Luis walked out.

Trump said he was against Barack Obama’s agreement with Raul Castro’s government increased the wealth of the communist regime. Wait till you see what happens in this video below at 35-minutes in.


Isn’t that great to hear Americans wishing Trump a happy birthday? We sure love our President. You can hear it in the crowd.

Trump will not negotiate a new deal with Cuba until they release the political prisoners they pretend not to have, they hand over any fugitives in their country and hand over military criminals.


According to Daily Mail, American visitors will be able to bring back rum and cigars. The US embassy will remain open.

Since Trump didn’t really get to celebrate his birthday because of the Steve Scalise shooting. Let’s send him a belated birthday message. Do the following 2 steps.

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