Maxine Waters Sends Hurtful Attack Against Ivanka – Watch What Happens Next !


Democrats and liberals have been quick to give blame to President Donald Trump for giving his daughter an official unpaid White House job. Why they don’t like this is unclear, as Ivanka is gaining nothing from this job other than knowledge on who to make America a better country. It seems like the Democrats can never do any wrong, and the Trump administration are the ones that are messing everything up. This is typical liberal behavior as obviously the Democrats have done the exact same thing time and time again.

One of those Democrats that has a massive problem with President Trump is old, Maxine Waters. We all know Maxine–she is the outspoken Trump critic with no facts or evidence to back up her biased claims. It now looks like she has set her sights on Ivanka Trump.

Maxine Waters has done very little for the creation of jobs around her area. She is all for job creation expect for when she is the one that has to work.

Well, it looks like this time, Maxine has created a pretty high paying job for her own daughter.


Her daughter is in charge of keeping the election cycle for Maxine going. So in other words, she is in charge of mailing stuff to residence and asking them for money.


How much does this job pay, you may ask. It has been reported that Karen Walters, her daughter, has received close to $750,000 since starting. That is a ridiculous amount of money that is being paid out to her own daughter. But for Maxine, Ivanka is the one that is breaking the law.

Liberals are hard to understand and they are starting to make themselves look like fools. We cannot stand for this behavior any longer. What do you think of this massive amount of money?


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