ABC Reporter Tries to Embarrass Newt Gingrich, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it


The liberals never learn their lesson.

They are never going to succeed against President Trump.

And Newt Gingrich is definitely not going to let them.


The former speaker, Newt Gingich appeared on different shows on Sunday morning, where he destroyed all the mainstream media lies and defended President Trump. According to our source Subject Politics, the former speaker joined Martha Raddatz, ABC News reporter, you might be famillar with her because she was the moderator for the second Trump vs. Hillary debate. Martha Raddatz was considered the worst moderator ever because of her anti-Trump attitude.

Well, now she tried to embarrass Newt Gingrich, but with his response she ended up being embarrassed at her own show. She went on and asked him why  he isn’t paying attention to the apparent Russian collusion with President Trump and about the ongoing investigation. She thought that Gingrich is not going to give a good response, but she clearly thought wrong.

Newt Gingrich explained to her that there has been no evidence of any ties between President Trump and Russia! Watch the full video below.

It is all just a conspiracy theory that the mainstream media tries to use against President Trump. There is no evidence and the situation will clearly stay like that. So why would we pay attention to some investigation that is based on nothing when everybody can do their job and make this country better.


These attempts from the mainstream media are ridiculous! Gingrich said it right, we should be focusing on more important things. And I think we can all agree with him! The liberals need to stop going against President Trump and do their jobs.

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