Trey Gowdy Just Leaked Democrats Worst Nightmare – Do you Support Him ?

President Donald Trump didn’t had a smooth sailing into his presidency, thanks to Democrats. His political opponents weren’t too interested into allowing him to do his job. Now Rep. Trey Gowdy decided to address Congressional Democrats, and he deserves every respect in the world. Gowdy is one of the very few people who are fed up with the nonsense brought by Democrats.

Rep. Gowdy criticized Democrat members of Congress for their “reckless, baseless allegations” about the President’s friendship with Russians. Democrats were too loud in their criticism, and they still believe that Hillary Clinton was a better presidential candidate. But, Americans picked the better candidate, and that’s it.

Democrats couldn’t come up with a better excuse, and kept saying that President Trump only won the elections because the Russian government helped him. But, that’s not true, and even the Russian President Vladimir Putin denied any involvement in the US elections.

Clinton and her team were too desperate to just accept the loss. Instead of improving her job, and fixing her mistakes, Clinton decided to blame everyone for her loss, including Comey.


“There are members of both the House and the Senate who say ‘I’ve seen evidence that’s more than circumstantial, but not direct.’ There is no way it can be more than circumstantial but not direct,” Trey Gowdy said.

Gowdy is part of the House intelligence committee investigation into the possible meddling of Russia. According to him, a member of the panel revealed that he is aware of the evidence but, “can’t tell us what it is and it’s not beyond a reasonable doubt.” Really?


“There’s no way to defend yourself against those kinds of baseless, reckless accusations,” said Gowdy.

Gowdy made a clear point. The Russian meddling story is fake, and the problem doesn’t really exist.

What do you think about the comments Gowdy made? Do you agree with him?

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