Rosie O’Donnell Viciously Attacks Trump, Imprison Her Now!


Since the very pivotal moment when Donald Trump was announced as the new president of United States, the liberal Democrats have been criticizing him by picking up every single piece of information they can dig and twisting it solely for undermining him.

Just recently, they have crossed the line, with not only throwing terrible comments at Donald Trump, but condoning violence on him, his family, and his administration. It started with Kathy Griffin and her gory imagery, and now, Rosie O’Donnell, commented on a tweeter post from the President, diminish him and all the work he has done since his election.

Furthermore, she used his famous slogan “Make America Great Again,” claiming that the nation will only be great when he is going to be imprisoned.  We are all aware that they are telling lies, especially since they haven’t let the president do his work suitably as they are always disturbing by protesting for something new on weekly basis.

O’Donnel is well known for constantly criticizing the President, but this time she has gone too far with her liberal mindset.


It is time for her to back off and accept Donald Trump and his hard work and let the professionals do what they are supposed to do. She needs to understand that if they do not want to help the administration they at least should stop spreading around fake news and allegations to firm believers because in that way they are doing more harm than good.


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