Muslim Migrant Hacks Woman With Machete & Sets Her On Fire For Asking 1 Simple Question


Just 8 days after being released from prison for another crime, a man brutally butchered a woman with a machete before dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire. After miraculously surviving the attack, the mutilated victim explained to police that the horrific murder attempt was all because she asked him one simple question.

Despite the left’s claim that “extremists” only make up a small minority in Islam, the vast majority of Muslims support the implementation of the barbaric and oppressive Sharia law. Of course, few actually admit just how misogynistic this religious legislation really is, especially in its inhumane treatment of women. Tragically, the women who refuse to conform to Islam’s sexist fundamentals are often subjected to the ideology’s most severe punishments.

Just 8 days after walking out of a German prison, 41-year-old Turkish Muslim Haci Ahmet U., whose identity remains withheld under Turkish censorship laws, resumed his crime spree in the worst possible way. The migrant took a machete from beneath his bed and gruesomely hacked his Moroccan wife, 39-year-old Nabila, before pouring petrol all over her bleeding body and setting her alight.

Although Nabila was severely burned over 60 percent of her body, she miraculously survived the grisly murder attempt to testify against her husband. According to Express, Nabila explained that Haci tried to kill her because she requested a divorce.

Haci was subsequently sentenced in a court in Darmstadt to 14 and a half years in prison for attempted murder, which is only 6 months less than the maximum sentence, according to Daily Star.

Disturbingly, Nabila had suspected that her life was in danger moments before the attack and texted a friend on September 20, 2016.

“I do not know what he needs a jerry can with fuel for, maybe he wants me to kill,” Nabila wrote.

Nabila (pictured), who was burned over 60 percent of her body for asking her husband for a divorce, now wears the burqa and veil, not for religious purposes but to hide her scars. (Photo Source: Express)

Minutes after their 4 children left for school, Haci launched his premeditated attack, chopping at Nabila’s body with a machete. Nabila desperately pleaded for mercy, prompting Haci to strangle her twice until she fell unconscious. The second time that Nabila awoke, Haci was dousing her in fuel and ordering her to set herself on fire. When she refused, he lit her himself and locked her in the bedroom. It was only after Haci returned and stamped out the fire with a blanket that Nabila was taken to the hospital for life-saving surgery.


Nabila was in a coma for nearly 2 months and has since had 24 operations to treat her horrific wounds. The scars are so severe and disfiguring that Nabila has opted to wear the burqa and veil, not for religious devotion but because she is ashamed of her appearance.

Luckily, Nabila had no trouble getting a divorce from her abusive husband in Germany. However, she didn’t dare file on her own while he was out of prison as it is against Sharia law. Unlike their male counterparts, women aren’t allowed the choice of divorce without gaining permission from the Sharia courts, which rarely afford them. In fact, even domestic abuse isn’t grounds for divorce under Sharia law since Quran 4:34 explicitly commands men to beat their wives if they even fear disobedience from them.

Expectedly, the media makes no mention of “honor killing,” despite the fact that it fits the definition and 91 percent of them worldwide are committed by Muslims. Disturbingly, this too is condoned by Sharia law which commonly sees Muslim murderers acquitted of murder charges for killing their own wives, children, and grandchildren. In reality, quite a few Muslim countries have legalized murder in cases of dishonor or allow the family members of the victim to pardon the killer. Of course, when the family supports the killer’s attempt to cleanse them of dishonor, it’s no wonder they’d excuse them of their crimes.

Nabila is one of the countless women who doesn’t want to live under Islamic oppression yet has no other choice, proving that Islam is just as dangerous for those living in it as it is for non-Muslims.


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