Watch: Muslim Approaches Woman In Bikini On Beach…What Happens Next Shocks Entire Nation


Barack Obama is always running his mouth about how peaceful Muslim “refugees” are. How we should welcome them with open arms.

He insists they pose no threat to the civilized western world and he routinely downplays the danger they are to western women.

He has no regrets for his policies that caused such destruction around the world.

He threw our borders open and our welfare checkbooks and demanded Europe to do the same…the results speak for themselves.

Look you can argue with a liberal until you are blue in the face, you can drown them in stats and facts. But sometimes simple video images can do a more damage than any set of facts.


Because they cannot argue with their own eyes.

Stories like this also serve as a reminder to us all that Obama was wrong and Trump is right and if we show this to enough liberals maybe they will finally get smart about this massive threat.

The Daily Mail first broke the bombshell story of how a 21-year-old Frenchwoman was brutally beaten by a gang of Burka-clad radical Muslim women.

She has been identified as Angelique Sloss. What happened to her was heinous and should never happen again.

To any woman in the world but especially to western women not used to the terror of Sharia.


Look if they want to treat their women this way, they can do so in their own countries. But when they come here they must leave sharia at home and what Obama never understood was that that is not possible with many of the more radical Muslims.

Angelique Sloss was sunbathing in a bikini with two friends in a public park, when she was ambushed by the Burka -clad Sharia following women.

The incident caused mass outrage all over France. And proves beyond doubt the dangers Western women have to deal with when countries are flooded with Muslim migrants.

Five Muslim women have been arrested in the brutal attack. Three have been named so far: Ines Nouri, Zohra Karim and Hadoune Tadjouri.

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