AW! Ivanka Just Revealed What Barron And Arabella Do In The White House, And It’s HEARTWARMING


Ivanka Trump went on Fox & Friends Tuesday to chat about life at the White House for her three kids and little brother Barron- and it’s adorable!

Here’s some of what she had to say:

“Now with Barron here they have so much fun together and they are so young. They’re really just kids. So they are just enjoying it. They spend a lot of time in the Oval [Office] with their grandfather, which is a lot of fun for them.”

The kids seem to just be having some good old fashion fun, as Ivanka also added:

“Hearing their laughter chasing after Barron or poor Joseph, his tears because Barron and Arabella don’t wait for him and he’s three and a half. They’ll send him on random chases and distract him and send him off in different directions. They traumatize Joseph a little bit.”


Aw what a sweet family. You can tell there is a lot of love between these cousins, even if they tease each other.

Ivanka emphasized the children’s growing understanding of President Trump’s work, and also gave a glimpse of the strong role religion plays in her family:


“[Arabella] thinks it’s really cool, but she likes to remind him frequently that God is still much more powerful. She’s so proud of him.”

How awesome is it to have such a charming, Godly family in the White House? Their presence must make President Trump’s day so much brighter. So much news about the First Family is negative, share this story 10,000 times to put some positivity on your newsfeed!


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