As Trump Landed In Poland, Everyone FREAKED When They Noticed The New Thing About Him


Our President Trump landed in Warsaw with meetings scheduled in Poland. They really pulled out the stops for our President. Check it out at the 15-Sec mark in the video below.

Dignitaries greeted Trump on the tarmac. A small military honor guard came and met them. Trump is set to speak tomorrow at the Krasinski Square and arrived tonight in preparation.

Poland is the last holdout against the resettling of massive numbers of refugees in Europe.


“The Polish government has the same position as Americans — we want strict restrictions on refugees,” legislator Krzysztof Mróz told The Wall Street Journal.

Mrs. Trump looked so beautiful wearing a green coat. She then waved to the media. Watch the magical moment below.


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and the National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster made the trip. This is because Trump is about to go run the summit in Warsaw.

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