What The French President Walked Up To Trump And Did Is Making Journalists SCREAM


French President Emmanuel Macron left his post during the G-20 picture to go be next to US President Donald Trump. Everyone watched on. Watch the whole video below.

The video below is incredible.


Mr. Macron jostled his way to the front. He finally joined Trump on the left at the G20 summit at the leader’s group photo.

He finally joined Trump at the end of the G20 summit. We all need to find us someone that looks at us the way that Macron looked at President Trump.

Now, here’s what the media won’t show you. Let’s look outside the G-20 conference in Hamburg. Here are the streets of Merkel’s Germany.


We need new leadership in the world and Donald Trump is doing that. Macron should be excited to be beside President Trump.

Spread this everywhere if you just love Trump and how well he represents us.

The real reason that Macron did that is because he was supposed to be on the outside. The photo lineup in G-20 is done in order of the length that that President has been in the conference, says the Telegraph.


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