Video from an Oklahoma bus surveillance camera system was shared online after a thug boarded the vehicle. Unfortunately, the situation would get worse as the crazed man tried to take a female police officer’s gun – and he’d only realize just how big of a mistake he’d made after seeing who was just around the corner.

The incident took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 24th as Miguel Chavez-Angles enthusiastically boarded a bus. Given the nature of what would happen next, police have most recently been forced to release video of the matter to the public – and it’s clear why.

According to reports, police first encountered the man at a local church as he was praying about his potential divorce and was seen slamming his head on the floor. As one would imagine, police took him into custody where the man was forced to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Everything must have checked out as he was released about 2 hours later, but things were far from over. As police further explain, Chavez-Angles then got into a random car on the road with two women and told them to drive for a short while before he left and locked himself inside of a local auto parts store down the road.

With several people calling police regarding the crazed man along his path of terror, officers were quickly in pursuit. Before long, Chavez-Angles was able to get onto a bus where he terrified more people by demanding that the bus takes him non-stop to where he wanted to go despite the busload of passengers.

Within moments, the bus driver pulled over the vehicle and demanded the passengers get off for their safety before calling the police. Luckily, there was a female officer nearby who boarded the bus and told the man not to leave – but the thug wasn’t about to listen.

Chavez-Angles grabbed the female police officer’s gun resulting in the firearm discharging and all hell breaking loose. As the female officer called for backup, it wasn’t long before her partner was coming around the corner to the rescue.


The fellow officer was able to grab ahold of the firearm the two were fighting over and retrieve his own with his free hand. As can be seen in the video, the officer then positions his female partner out of harm’s way before discharging his gun into the suspect.

Once the threat is mostly neutralized, the officer could then be seen finishing the job by shooting Chavez-Angles in the head another three times. Just like that, the threat was neutralized and the female officer’s life, no doubt, was saved.


Of course, despite the cut and dry case here regarding the officer’s use of deadly force, officials have released the clip to prove to the public that this wasn’t an act of police brutality. With everything we have going on in the nation today, it’s a shame to see how people are treating those in law enforcement.

I mean, without these two police officers, this would have been either you or me to deal with this guy. Instead, because they volunteer to put their lives on the line every day to protect us from stuff like this, they were subjected to the risk and were even forced to carry out the unfortunate task of taking the life of another human being. These officers deserve respect, not the uneducated speculation of entitled brats.


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