Melania Just Dropped Everything To Take Solo International Trip After Receiving Shocking News


Melania Trump is embarking on her third international trip since becoming the First Lady, but this time is different – she is going alone. Despite having tons of responsibilities as the First Lady and as a mother, she didn’t hesitate to drop everything after hearing the news.

President Donald Trump posted one of his most infamous Twitter messages yet, sending liberals in America into a complete meltdown. Early Wednesday morning, he let everyone know that transgendered individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the military.

In times like this, with the Islamic State on the rise, more frequent terrorist attacks, and North Korea threatening to use a nuclear weapon on America, our military is the backbone to our freedom and needs to be top-notch in defending all that we hold dear. President Trump will surely not allow it to be used as a social experiment where people experimenting with a new gender can go to make a political point.


Melania will be heading to our northern neighbours in September to meet with Britain’s very endearing Prince Harry who will be in Canada carrying out a very incredible purpose.

The First Lady is going to Toronto in September to attend Prince Harry’s third Invictus Games for wounded warriors.

She will lead the U.S. delegation of 90 athletes slated to compete at the Games Sept. 23-30.


Although an immigrant, Melania has shown more love and respect for those who serve this country and defend our freedom than most liberals do.


Melania has made an effort to always show her appreciation for service members no matter where she’s at and what she’s doing. During their first trip overseas, she didn’t forget about the remarkable Army men by publicly thanking them on Twitter.

She did this again on Independence Day this year by dedicating her speech to these heroes at the White House party. She even went out of her way to visit a badly wounded warrior in recovery at Walter Reed.

Simply put – Melania is the First Lady we’ve been waiting for!

Are you proud of our incredible First Lady?

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