Congress just gave President Trump exactly what he wants, in the Russia sanctions bill, and they don’t even know it.


Russian President Putin is ejecting 755 United States Diplomates from Russia. He made the announcement on Sunday, July 30.

The announcement seemed to be timed right before President Trump signed a new bill. The MSM is telling everyone that the bill is a way to force President Trump to enforce sanctions against Russia. Not so fast…

In fact, the bill reinforces existing Executive Orders giving President Trump more authority to enact sanctions than he previously had. Contrary to what is being reported, the bill also deals with Iran and North Korea.

The bill was sent from the Congress to the President late Friday. It could be sitting on President Trump’s desk waiting to be signed as early as Monday morning.


The Global Media missed one important point in the bill which reads:

“any person that the President determines … knowingly engages in significant activities undermining cybersecurity against any person, including a democratic institution, or government on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation”

This will provide President Trump with sweeping powers over global media and businesses. For example, let’s say the Russian office of CNN reports on an element of US Security and President Trump determines that their news report “undermines cyber security against” the United States. In that case, he will now have the authority to freeze assets and cash of that foreign entity. (i.e. CNN Russia, RT, etc…)


In other words, global media has to be a lot more honest about what they report. The 1st Amendment protects them in the United States, but it doesn’t protect their foreign offices and foreign businesses from International Sanctions.

Moreover, Congress just called on Jeff Sessions to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate Clinton, Obama, Rice, Comey, and Lynch.

We contacted Dan Sessions a well known and prolific online Trump supporter. After we explained the new bill he said:

“Very interesting, what happens if and when that Special Counsel determines that Russia was working with the Democrats?”

Only time will tell, but President Trump is about to sign a law that gives him much more power. Power to go after the people who are really working with Russia. Help us report the news by sharing, it is the only way others will see what we put out.




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