Oklahoma Store Put A Sign Up That Stunned Everyone


The customers of local Oklahoma store were stunned to see something extraordinary before they come in. The owner put a sign on the store window in order to send a strong message.

The owner and the management of the Midwest Wine & Spirits in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, were tired of thugs who insulted them and their business so they put a sign up with just 4 words “Pull your pants up or don’t come in!!! Try to have some decency & respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear.”

The customers were surprised and they started to complain about the sign, but the owner decided to keep the sign. Shana Wiessner, an employee in the store, stated for the local news that if the customers don’t like the sign, they shouldn’t come in the store, “It’s tacky, and it’s gross, and we’re adults,” she stated. “Pull up your pants.”


The management explained that there is more behind the sign, besides requiring public decency. As it was explained, some of the punks who were stealing from store wore clothes in the now-forbidden fashion. “Usually, when people come in with their pants sagging, it’s easier for them to steal bottles,” Wiessner stated.

The most of the customers accepted the sign, if all the people are treated right. Anyhow, there are some customers that don’t agree with the sign. Their argument is that the store sells liquor, and it’s not a church or a family place. But, the sign isn’t coming down anytime soon.

“We don’t need their business if they’re not going to be by the rules,” Wiessner stated. “We got rules around here, people.” There are certain moral rules of how the people should look like in public and be decent.


Sadly, there is a common opinion that anyone can do whatever they want without consequence. But, this is America and the owners of the business can decide on their own how to run their business.

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