A group of Antifa thugs attempted to start another riot while openly breaking the law. As they crowded the streets, Chicago PD quickly showed up, starting some major scuffles. Things did not go well for the thugs as the cops gave them the justice they deserved, and it was all caught on video.

The cowardly Antifa thugs had their usual costumes. They were dressed in black with faces covered and ready to protest in the streets of Chicago, but their plans changed when cops arrived. Groups of Antifa members started hovering the streets of Chicago outside Cook County Criminal Courthouse around 2 in the afternoon to protest a court action against someone who was allegedly a white supremacist with ties to far-right organizations. Thinking that they were ready to take on whatever came their way, the thugs began blocking roadways.


The protesters were adamant about blocking traffic during their rally despite law enforcement telling them otherwise. When cops arrived, they warned protesters numerous times to get out of the streets. The thugs decided to test their limits but quickly regretted their decision. That was when the scuffles broke out between Chicago PD and the Antifa thugs, turning into a game of tug-a-war.

In the video from Chicago Tribune, you see the police tugging on one of the Antifa members while others try to help the snowflake from the cops. While the protesters refuse to get out of the road, groups of other cops join in to help the cop win the game of tug-a-war over rioters.

Cops began arresting Antifa members who refused to listen to their orders and those who interfered with the arrest of their comrades. Surprisingly, only a few arrests were made, despite all the disrespect. In the videos, you can see how many were involved in assaulting and resisting police officers.

You can hear the entitled brats yelling, “Resist,” while they give a sad attempt at battling against the police. Tension built up again after a third arrest was made in front of a news van, causing another confrontation between thugs and law enforcement. Police eventually cleared the protesters farther away, despite their best efforts to disobey law enforcement.

The Antifa “organization” consists of people who largely believe in committing acts of violence against “Nazis.” This is something that most people would generally be willing to look the other way on, except their definition of “Nazi” or fascism is fairly loose, according to the Blue Lives Matter. This group has a history of vandalism and assault and will provoke violence on anyone who is perceived to be a supporter of President Donald Trump or a right-wing activist, for that matter. In other words, the “anti-fascists” are the fascists.

Thankfully, cops had a handle on this unlawful protest before it got too out of control. During these events, cops can easily become out numbered by vicious thugs, putting the cops in extremely dangerous positions. There needs to be a crack down on these violent left-wing groups like Antifa and BLM before it’s too late. Domestic terrorist organizations such as these have no place in a civilized society.

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