Just As He Arrived In Phoenix, Trump Looked Out In Crowd And Saw A MIRACLE


This is an absolutely touching moment. A group of Bikers for Trump gathered in front of the President to pray for the safety of everyone that came to the event. They then prayed for the protesters to stay peaceful and for attendees and their families to stay safe. Amen. Watch the amazing video below.

Trump needed the protection today, too. The Leftist organization John Brown Gun Club showed up to the rally with AR-15s and bullet proof vests. They said they were there to protect protestors from “white supremacists.”

The Bikers for Trump traveled to Phoenix to defend Trump supporters from violent leftists and the Antifa gangs that have attacked previous Trump rallies.

The Bikers made the following announcement on Facebook before the event.

The Rally attendees showed up hours early to go see the blockbuster rally in Pheonix, Arizona. Check this amazing video below via Josh Caplan.


President Trump is going to make this country great again. You can feel it in the air. Let’s say a prayer to keep our President safe.

God. Please bless and protect President Trump and all that around him. We need him to heal the country and make jobs for the working class of America. With us behind him, he can’t fail. Amen.

Share this prayer with every Trump supporter you know.


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