Las Vegas officials are on high alert after ISIS threatened to bomb the “fight of the decade,” as it’s been dubbed, between Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

The fight, scheduled to take place on Saturday the 26th, will be attended by tens of thousands of fight fans, tourists, and VIP’s, which will be Sin City’s busiest weekend of the year. Unfortunately, this makes it the perfect target for ISIS.

After bombing the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, which they specifically chose for its high teenage girl population, ISIS has shown us that they have no low. So after releasing a terrorist propaganda video, featuring footage of famous Las Vegas casinos and hotels, officials have grown increasingly concerned.

Daily Star reports:

Las Vegas police are ramping up security ahead of the highly anticipated clash after the death cult threatened to bring terror to the city.

Authorities fear ISIS-inspired terrorists may carry out a Barcelona-style van attack on the city’s iconic strip of hotels and casinos.

An ISIS propaganda video featuring images of hotels and casinos in the Sin City has spurred police to increase security for the fight.

The footage was released in May – just days after Manchester bomber Salman Abedi slaughtered 22 outside a pop concert.


Now, three months on, the “credible” threat has sparked police concerns for the big fight between McGregor and Mayweather.

The fight, which is scheduled to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars, would be the perfect target for ISIS to spread their influence of terror throughout the United States. They seek to maximize the damage done, and to take as many “infidel” lives as possible.

That’s why more than 5,000 security staff have been warned to look for any suspicious behavior, and to share any intelligence they may have with the local police. According to The Mirror:

Increased patrols will be seen on the Strip and outside hotels and the T-Mobile Arena, where 20,000 fans will watch the fight.

More than 5,000 hotel security staff have been warned to be on alert for any suspicious behaviour and share intelligence with police.

Plans are underway to install hundreds of steel posts along the Strip to prevent a truck attack.

But crucially the first of the 700 bollards which will line busy pavements will not be in place until early October.

Local politician Steve Sisolak admitted: “There’s always the risk that (an attack) could happen.

“It brings up a sad reminder that every city and town could have things happen whether it’s intentionally or accidentally.”


Sergeant Jeff Clark of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has urged fans to help them fight the radical extremists. “The best thing fans can do to help us ensure their safety is to let us know if something doesn’t look right. See something, say something.”

While many feel at ease attending the event, trusting the police to do their job, others are terrified—and after 22 children were killed during the Manchester bombing, it’s not hard to see why.

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