JUST IN: It’s Over! Gov. Signs the Executive Order We’ve All Been Waiting For


The abortion argument is one of the most controversial topics in politics and there is no question the left has moved in a very radical direction.


Abortion on demand whenever you want. No restrictions. That’s what the Democrats believe.

Pretty frightening.

Especially when you consider the fact that the American people disagree with that stance.

Regardless of what your stance is on abortion, we should all be able to agree that taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for them.

In South Carolina, they no longer are.

From Townhall:

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed an executive order Friday that cuts all state and local funding for abortion clinics in the state.

The move prevents any government money from “any physician or professional medical practice affiliated with an abortion clinic and operating concurrently with and in the same physical, geographic location or footprint as an abortion clinic.”

Beyond that, McMaster also called for South Carolina’s Medicaid agency to ask the federal government for permission to remove abortion clinics from its Medicaid provider network.

Don’t like it? Move somewhere else. Pretty simple.


Nice to see a governor that stands up for life even when he knows he’ll get heat for it.

There’s nothing more sacred on this planet than life.

It’s about time we start acting like it.


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