Melania Viciously Humiliated on Twitter For Her Outfit Ahead of Visit to Areas Devastated by Hurricane Harvey


No matter what he does, President Donald Trump cannot catch a break from the left. Every day they come out with new attacks that aim to hurt him, his administration and his family. That is because they are jealous of the fact that he won the presidency. For them, it should be Hillary Clinton that won the White House, not him. They have refused to give him any respect no matter what he does.

Now even First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump is starting to see the brunt of those attacks. She is known for her amazing sense of style and cannot be beat when it comes to the way she dresses. That is why it is such a step up from Michelle Obama, who we had to live with for 8 years.

The Trump family has announced that they are going to meet with the people of Houston today. These people are in desperate need of help from anywhere they can get it. It was very good of the family to go meet with these people regardless of what the liberal media might be saying.

But instead of saying good things about Trump and his wife going to meet with the needy, they have been attacking Melania for the shoes she wore to get to Houston. This all happened on Twitter and it seems like maybe they would have been things to do than attack the first lady of the United States.


As you can see, liberals were less than pleased. It seems like they are trying to find literally anything to use against him. At this point, they are quickly running out of ideas because of how much they hate Trump and his family, apparently.

What do you think about the hate that has come from the left?


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