Mike Pence Was Just Caught Doing Something UNTHINKABLE In Texas Today


Mike Pence is not just a Vice President or simply a running mate for Trump. Pence is a good man with a good heart who loves America more than he could ever express with words.

That’s why he decided instead he would fly to Rockport, Texas today, a town destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, put some gloves on, and clean it up HIMSELF!

See? Now that right there is what I am talking about. Pence doesn’t just go the extra mile for people, he goes the full 5 miles with a smile!

However, his mission in Rockport was not only to help clean up dead trees. He also brought a very special message from President Trump for all the people of Texas to hear.


“I called the president on Air Force Two this morning. I asked him what he wanted me to tell you. And he just said tell ’em we love Texas.“

That’s right. The Trump administration loves the great state of Texas and they are not alone. All of America is send our thoughts, prayers, money, food, clothes, and everything else we can to help the people of a great American state who is suffering greatly right now.


Help show Texas that our whole country, from sea to shining sea, has their back and we WILL get them out of this terrible situation.

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