Big Name Clothing Company Just Pushed Dressing Like Muslims On American Kids


A huge American clothing brand is dead set on promoting Islamic conservative dress here in the United States. That’s right. So much for progressive ideology. American Eagle Outfitters wants kids in the U.S. to take a step a hundred years back in time to dress in Muslim conservative attire.


Despite their overly patriotic moniker, American Eagle Outfitters is running advertisements that promote the liberal globalist agenda with, wait for it, a “denim hijab.”

A Hijab is a requirement for women according to Sharia law with violations as severe as death for disobeying. Well, that’s nice isn’t it kids.

In a truly baffling statement, American Eagle claims they are trying to cash in on the “popularity” of Islam in the United States.

The model for the ad campaign is the winner of the 2016 Miss Minnesota pageant Halima Aden who is Muslim.

Aden competed in the pageant wearing a “burkini” and hijab. It’s no wonder that overt political correctness kicked in and awarded a Muslim as the winner. The fact that American Eagle assumes that American kids want to dress this way is insulting.


H/T: Conservative Post


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