What Trump Did This Sunday For Harvey Victims Will Make Journalists FREAK Out


Donald Trump never stops moving.  His stamina is utterly amazing, for a man of his maturity.


This morning, he and Melania arose, went to  church, and prayed for all the people who have been so deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Friday, Trump had declared this to be a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Can you imagine what all that prayer is going to do?  If we all lift every victim of the natural tragedy up in prayer, amazing things will happen!

Watch as Trump sits among religious leaders, along with Mike Pence, announcing this miracle-bringing National Day of Prayer:

(Courtesy of PBS News Hour via Youtube.com)

Trump said:

“We invite all Americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members or friends, and for those who are suffering in this time of crisis.”

Most recently, the number who died related to Hurricane Harvey has climbed to 50.  Please pray for their families and friends.

On Saturday, when he and Melania were back in Texas, he encouraged everyone by saying: “Tomorrow’s a very big day, so go to your church and pray and enjoy the day.”   The weather has cleared up there and he just wanted them to feel encouraged and able to enjoy being alive, even amid the devastation.

I hope you will join in this day of prayer, and lift your fellow Americans who have been so terribly affected, up.  Let’s bring some miracles!

[H/T The Hill]


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