Watch: Here’s What Happens When a Dem Voter Meets Trump for the 1st Time


On Saturday, President Donald Trump made his second visit to Texas to tour the areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey and to meet and greet the residents whose lives have been upended by the devastating storm.

Trump spent a long time visiting with hurricane evacuees, comforting them and helping to pass out supplies to those who needed them. Trump really settled into his role as “comforter in chief,” and many Americans responded — even those who didn’t support him politically.


One woman in Houston who met with Trump said the brief encounter changed her views about him, according to a KABC report.

“I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man,” said the woman during an interview.

This was Trump’s first time really touring a scene of utter devastation and meeting with Americans during some of the worst moments of their lives. He certainly rose to the challenge.

I’m guessing there are a lot of people in Texas who are thinking quite differently of Trump now. It’s one thing to base your impression of someone on what you read in the news, but a meeting in person has a way of changing perceptions.

Trump hugged children, laughed with evacuees and otherwise tried to help out as best he could. It’s moments like these that show the human side of a president — a side the media has done their best to hide.

As Trump easily won Texas in 2016, many of the places he visited he was surrounded by people who have supported his presidency from the beginning.

Joe Boyd, an evacuee, actually got his lunch handed to him by Trump, and his wife stated that he was incredibly happy.

“If he died & went to heaven today, we got to see President Trump,” she said.

Trump certainly has done all the right things when it comes to his response to Hurricane Harvey.

Unlike some past administrations, Trump has made sure that he was on-top of the situation from the beginning so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of the disaster following Hurricane Katrina.


Now the ball is in Congress’ court. Trump has sent his request for funds to help Texas and Louisiana recover from the devastation and has to wait on Congress to act.

Let’s hope the Republicans can actually get their act together long enough to do something that will help the American people.

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