WATCH: Parents Furious After Teacher Forces Every White And Christian Student To Apologize For Their ‘Privilege’


It would appear that a sizable number of leftist loons within the wacky, weird, and abnormal world of academia are taking their delusional assumptions to the max. No longer content in simply indoctrinating students, to their preconceived progressive dogma, some teachers have actually gone to another level of extreme, by actually targeting and singling out and humiliating certain students in class.

An African-American North Carolina English teacher, identified as Tarsha Clark actually forced her white students in class to stand up and apologize to non-white students for their “white privilege.”

The incident came to light at a Rockingham School District meeting, when several parents voiced their outrage at having their children forcefully humiliated, and then apparently the school’s administration attempting to sweep the incident under the rug.

The growing public uproar towards the North Carolina school board was evident has educators attempted to explain-away their far-left “equity training” for government-school teachers, by forcing white and Christian students to stand up in class and apologize for their “privilege.”


This isn’t some dysfunctional teacher randomly going off on her own but rather a calculated and pervasive teaching tool that purposely targets students under the guise of inclusiveness.

Moreover, the Rockingham County School District is actually spending tax payer dollars to an organization called Open-Source Strategic Consulting a flat fee of $45,000 for apparently creating and administrating this teaching tool dubbed “Equity Training.”

And while the school distract apparently found the financial resources to pay Open-Source Strategic Consulting, the county’s education allotment was recently cut by $269,000 and faces almost a 6-million dollar shortfall.

One of the parents who went public was Farren Wilkinson, her testimony actually brought this issue to light: “Hello, my name is Farren Wilkinson … I just want to shed light on a situation that happened at Western Rockingham Middle School. Where a teacher caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students base on their unequal opportunities of education. So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate bully and degrade children. This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs. These children are not responsible nor accountable for any inequalities that are believed to be present.”

‘Equity Training’ is a new training tool and has been pushed on the teachers as a mandatory training done on their own time! Clark has since been fired.


Do you think this “Equity Training” tool is simply another attempt by leftist educators to indoctrinate students?


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