WATCH: Trump and Melania Just Dealt With Annoying Meida Reporters in the Most GENIUS Way


As President Trump and First Lady Melania left the White House today, they were bombarded by reporters who were basically screaming at Trump for comment. At one point you can hear a reporter demanding that the President, “Come over here, then!”

Trump and Melania were heading to Marine One which will be taking them to Camp David for the weekend. As the two of them walked across the White House lawn, they could hardly ignore the annoying reporters desperately seeking a comment from Trump.

The President and First Lady handle the press in a GENIUS way. While they continue to walk, Melania simply ignores the line of yelling media. She looks straight ahead and just smiles. Trump, however, looks over to the herd of hungry lions (aka reporters) and signals that he simply cannot hear them. He puts his hands to his ears and then shrugs off their questions.

When they keep yelling, he motions for Melania to go ahead and walks closer to just give them one sentence that the US is prepared to handle the hurricane.


“We’re very prepared – we’re prepared at the highest level.”


That doesn’t seem to soothe the reporters demands, so they keep screaming questions to him. Trump just thanks them and walks away.

It seems like both Trump and Melania have figured out the best way to handle to biased press: Ignore them. When the mainstream media insists on twisting every one of Trump’s words, he will just give them NONE.


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