Right After Her Big Interview, Trump DESTROYED Hillary Clinton With A One MONSTROUS Sentence


I was hoping not to have to bring her up again, but this time it was just too darn amazing the way President Trump took down Hillary Clinton this morning.

So last night she was flying high after a softball interview on Stephen Colbert’s show. She talked crap on the way Trump handled North Korea and even tried to give him “tips” on how to handle it. That’s when Trump decided “Enough is enough.”

He woke up early, picked up his phone, and reminded the world that it was Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy that gave North Korea nukes in the first place!


Ouch. The truth hurts, don’t it Hell-ary? All of America think you should go crawl back into that dungeon you came from and not come back in public or political life, you know, EVER!

The President clearly wants to HUMILIATE her back to where she came from, so help him by sharing this everywhere.


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