Trump Just Made 7-year-Old Girl’s Wildest Dream Come True After She Wrote Him Incredible Letter


It’s not often we have a feel-good story that actually brings a smile to our collective faces, and where better than from a 7-year old Georgia girl from Dalton, who decided to write to President Trump. Mackenzie Kroger wrote a long handwritten letter on October 9th to President Trump telling him how much she appreciated all of his hard work and that he was doing an awesome job.

No doubt the President of the United States gets lots of fan mail coming to the White House, however every now and then a letter stands out among the thousands upon thousands received, and little Mackenzie Kroger’s was such a letter, that during a White House press briefing on Thursday Press Security Sarah Sanders paused to read aloud Mackenzie’s letter in front of the entire press corps, indeed in front of the entire nation.


The one minute video clip captures Sanders standing at the podium reading the letter aloud, which begins with little Mackenzie writing; “you’re an awesome president, in fact I voted for you in my school election, my mom is bringing me to D.C. on spring break this year and I’m very excited, I’ve never been there before and I can’t wait to see everything, I’m most excited to see the White House.”

The letter continues; “My mom says we have to write someone to come in and I hope we can, I know you’re a busy man, if you can meet me or at least see your office it would make my day, and I’d love to shake your hand. You’re our leader, a hero and a great man, and I can’t wait to see you and help make America great again, sincerely Mackenzie, your biggest fan.”

Sanders pauses a moment and then continues reading the postscript; “PS, If you would like I can bring something to eat when I come, I’ve always heard food brings people together.”

The letter ends and Sanders extends an invitation to both little Mackenzie and her mom to come visit the White House, and she’ll take them personally on a White House tour and hopefully meet with the president and have lunch in the press cafeteria…are we smiling?


Do you think President Trump regardless of the media, gets more positive correspondence then not from the public?


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