BREAKING: SHOCK Video Has Obamas FURIOUS After The WHOLE WORLD Sees What Malia Did… NASTY!


Same as with their work, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle didn’t do quite a good job of raising their daughter.

Malia Obama keeps getting caught doing totally inappropriate things.

Her way of partying is including a lot of alcohol and drugs.

Currently, she is pushing through her first year at Harvard University. However, it seems that she is more involved in drugs and alcohol instead of studying.

Everything started last year when she was caught using drugs at the Lallapalooza Festival. Many people saw the video and were disgusted with the former president’s daughter.

Also, there was a photo of her taken in Maryland where she played beer pong with her college youngsters. However, the real problem is that she was intoxicated and surrounded by many empty beer bottles.

This year, her behavior has gotten even worse. One video shows that she had to be driven away from the Lollapalooza Festival because of her terrible drunken condition. Also, she was filmed on the ground behaving weirdly. The video shows that she is clearly on drugs.

Furthermore, this last weekend she was filmed kissing some guy, and guess what, she was intoxicated again. She was making out during the game between Harvard and Yale.

Her mother, Michelle Obama is probably facing some tough period looking at her daughter using drugs and alcohol. She will probably be even more angered after she discovers that she smokes cigarettes.


Yes, it is normal for a girl of her age to do those kinds of stuff. What isn’t normal is that she is the daughter of someone who represented this whole country. If he can’t raise his daughter right, then how could he rule a whole country?


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